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The Beginning: Here Goes Somethin’ (365 days to go…) March 3, 2012

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Today is the first of many days(I hope), where my chronic pain will be asked to peacefully leave and take a seat elsewhere. You see, I made a bold and possibly insane decision today to stop taking pain medication for the myriad of chronic illnesses I suffer from; I am choosing instead to replace them with a daily dose of Yoga practice. I have chosen not only to do Yoga but to do it EVERYDAY FOR A YEAR, YUP THAT’S 365 DAYS. My ailments du jour are as follows ( in no particular order, as they are all bastards who require no favouritism)  Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis of the spine, Fibromyalgia and Clinical depression. To sweeten the pot, I am also recovering from a broken ankle, which required surgery back in June 2011. This particular joy ride has yet to end, 8 months in, due in part because of having arthritis, but mainly because of receiving no physiotherapy (long story). I have tried over the past nine years, while having these various unrequited illnesses, to ‘work thru’ the pain in the hopes that something would alleviate one, if not all of them. The best results were swimming, though many times I felt more exhausted than anything, plus my skin itched from the chlorine something fierce! Regardless, I have kept on trying….most of the time. Every month, I feel a sense of dread, for it’s when my doctor  calls with my blood-work results.  The “damned if you do” saying very much applies to individuals taking strong pain medication on top of their illness meds, for it can and does add stress to the liver. In my case the weekly injections alone wreaked havoc on my hardworking organ, let alone anything else mixed in. My ‘cocktail’ included the add-on friend of a friend called “Red”… wine that is…  This I realize was a no-no, yet I needed to be able to get up and move around, caring for children, animals etc.. and it really was, after much experimentation, the ‘best’ mix. As time progressed, the codeine plus her dark and rich compatriot, began to make my senses, sense somethin’ just wasn’t right. I felt, at one point, that if I carried on in this manner, that the zinger of a phone call from my doctor, with not so great news, may just happen sooner than I would have liked.

Yoga I have done off and on over the years. Not sure why I ever stopped, for I always felts so good afterwards. I can’t really think of anything in my life that I have done alone, o.k maybe one:) that gave me such peace. Timing is everything I believe, and so it was that I accepted an invitation to the opening of a new yoga studio in town. As soon as I finished having the tour, a feeling inside of me said ” girl, this is where you need to be”. Having ignored my inner voice many a time, I chose instead This Time! to listen up. Along with the invitation was a three-week unlimited pass ( courtesy of my ‘hermetic’ friend), so really there was no reason Not toTry. The door was open, so to speak, and with that the feelings of gratitude and hope.

I decided to blog my experiences over the next year with the goal of replacing my THE pain with Yoga. My family and I met and decided that despite the cost, which is reasonable considering the quality of the teachers and amenities, we can’t afford not to, for I am the Captain of our ship and need to be in a healthier place (both mentally and physically) for the betterment of us all.

Here goes nothing….or maybe ‘Somethin’

Fingers crossed everyone.



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