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Remind me again WTF I’m doing? (364 days and counting….) March 5, 2012

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8:30pm~Hot Yin~

O.k o.k I shouldn’t sound so angry, it’s just that I didn’t think about how my ‘spoiled’ (a.k.a pain-med friendly) body was going to react to the ‘no more pain med’s’ rule during…. certain times. What’s going to happen during the days that I know I experience that extra douse of thumping pain? I can hear my father from above lecturing me now about how ‘I’m not thinking before I act’.

Body: “Did you forget” (my arms, fingers, hips and thighs scream) that during ‘our time of the month’  EVERYTHING  hurts that much more!? “Can we jag your sad memory to the fact that you have committed all of us to not only starting a new business, and with that meetings with PEOPLE who don’t care that you’re trying to get us off pain meds,   What about driving today, have you spoken to hips yet?

Hips: Hello, hips here….Umm not really working today so you’re gonna have to figure something else out…sorry”.

And so it goes and goes, with each effected area of my body, saying their peace, reminding me how difficult this journey may just be. I say “may-be” for I can’t help but believe that breathing, stretching in a warm comfortable studio won’t help me get through days like these. I’m going to inquire when I go to my Hot Yin Class tonight what I can do to help myself during times like these, especially when the class is 8 1/2 hours away. In the meantime, and I mean this mean-time, I must push on. I’ve delivered two babies, one of which was a natural, NO DRUG 27 hour labor episode, the other a ten pounder, so I should be able to do this!



2 Responses to “Remind me again WTF I’m doing? (364 days and counting….)”

  1. Michele Layte Says:

    You can do it Nancy, unleash your inner Warrior!

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