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Just a short diddy {363 Days To Go……} March 6, 2012

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8:30pm~Hot Yin~

Just a short note as I am ready to hit they hay. I just returned from class. My instructor Monica is beyond supportive of what I am doing, which truthfully makes the effort worthwhile. I heard a great quote the other day: ” Everyone needs to be validated, doesn’t matter who it is, only that it happens”. I noticed tonight while doing deep stretching in my hamstrings how much more I was able to bring my leg in ( my non yoga term ). I’ve always thought, based on a very grumpy gym teacher, that I was ‘not the flexible type’. So with that, I assumed I wasn’t, now I’m not so sure.

Some big questions today, a Two parter. One: Was I able to get thru the day with thumping pain all over, without any pain meds and Two, did the pain diminish during yoga, after or both? Well, getting thru today was hard, I’m not going to lie. When I’m having a ’bout’ I can’t sit, stand or lay down for any length of time. My normal course of action would be to pop 2-3 T’3’s and go lay down for a while. I walked my dogs, for only a block, but hey they were happy, they got walked! I had a few teary moments, but pushed forward and made it to the one appointment I knew I couldn’t cancel. It ended up been a good decision to go. Lastly I did feel relief during the class as well as after. Actually when I arrived I had a serious lightening sharp headache. Even though it was tough to get thru at times I did and by the end my headache was gone, I actually forgot that I had had one. To get me thru some of the harder moments, hard mostly because certain areas, ( I’m talking about you hips and elbows!) were just screaming with their thumping beats, stop it stop it! Instead I chose to ¬†imagine my joints and muscles as I breathed heavily into them, as instructed. Monica gave me a few ‘mini Thai massages’ during some of the more difficult stretches which really really helped take my focus away from the difficulty and to the feeling of elongation, wow listen to me!

It was a tough day and sad to say at this point the pain is creeping back up. A little concerned about my sleep tonight for the pain med’s also help me to drift off, here’s hoping for some good Netflix choices. On the heating pad will go and with that a prayer for an eventual good night sleep, after all I’ve got a yoga class to go to tomorrow. It’s a good one to, Physio Logic. It is designed to relax the shoulders and neck area. Here’s to bringing these shoulders south!


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