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Today began at … {361 Days To Go….} March 7, 2012

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11:45~Physio Logic Neck & Shoulders

Today began at 3am, then 4,  then eventually 5am. Suffice to say,  I battled throughout the night, but despite this felt positive about my Physiologic class I was taking today at YP. Turns out there was good reason for these positive vibes and that was because of yet ANOTHER amazing teacher named Leslee. So as not to misinform, check out the link to her website below, for what she has created, with her background in physiotherapy and yoga, well let’s just say she is a true blessing to this walking pain zombie. I wrote and described yesterday  the theme of battling my illness and the pain. She explained to me that pain is something that is created in our minds. It’s real, but more importantly it is something that can be overcome. Holy crap! Major music to my ears. I asked if I could speak with her after class and she graciously agreed. I spoke about what I’m doing, that the decision I made was based out of a very strong instinct  and that I really need to do this… for the greater good of much. I expressed my concern about the fact that I really didn’t know what I was doing and if she could guide me. We spoke about the classes I should be taking, my body’s boundaries, when not to push etc. We acknowledged that this initial first phase is going to be tough, but in the long run something that will be well worth it. The really, ‘otherworldly’ thing going on here, is that there is no option to not do this in my mind or soul, my body on the other hand may currently have a different opinion. But even there, again, I have learned something. My body is not the problem, the illness is or if I am to be so bold, my mind may just be the ultimate ‘shit disturber’……ah classy I am. Like the ol’ onion analogy, the more I explore, the more I see. It may just end up, that the figure  behind the ‘curtain’ is not what it appears to be. Did my yoga for the day, so tonight I will relax…who am I kidding, there’s like 400 pounds of laundry to do and many a dust bunny; Though as I say this I am reminded of what Leslee also told me, after I explained how I am charting my ‘post yoga grace period’. She advised that I try, with my intention as I leave to ‘push’ the calm and this grace period consciously as long as I can throughout my day. A very good point for I have lost this state of consciousness shortly after engaging in my other world that is children, dogs, laundry etc..

In the immortal words of one who I identify with the most these days

 I’m afraid there’s no denyin’ / I’m just a dandy-lion / A fate I don’t deserve / I’m sure I could show my prowess / Be a lion, not a mouse / If I only had the nerve – The Cowardly Lion

Please check out Leslee Watt’s website



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