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…..By A Thread { 360 Days To Go…… } March 8, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 9:00 pm

11:45~Physio Logic Fusioin~

 I  felt strange all morning, but as per my commitment, I went to class. The class itself is good, I on the other hand was not. I was dizzy and just plain ‘off ‘. Today’s class had some balancing aspects to it, so you can imagine how well I did. I felt frustrated and angry for there’s nothing I can do but ride these ‘effects’ of not been on the pills. The day continued going south to the point that I wasn’t able to cook dinner for the kids. Thank goodness their resourceful and used to having a sick mother. It always saddens me deeply when this happens for the energy in the house is never good.

Did my best, though it felt not enough. tomorrow is KYMA, my meditation class. Last week I cried buckets, tomorrow I hope I can relax more and bring some peace to this beaten up body of mine.

Till then,



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