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commitment with a capital C ( 359 Days To Go….) March 10, 2012

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3:00pm~Hot Yin~March 10th

Since I am sharing my inner most everything, I will continue somewhat here by telling the world I LOVE MY HUSBAND. Now, to put all into context, this man of mine started a new career close to two years ago. Because he is new and starting from the bottom, he has had to be away for weeks at a time, with very little home time in between. To say this has been hard on all of us is an understatement. This weekend he came home for our daughter’s 11th birthday party. I planned the party to be at a beautiful historic hotel in our fair city. I pushed the envelope, financially speaking, and booked an extra night just for him and I. What I didn’t figure was Yoga in all of this, but Yoga has me wrapped around its flexible finger, so I knew I had to do something to make it all work. The issue you see was that our check in time was at the same time as my Hot Yin class. What’s a struggling Yoga committed, husband missing gal gonna do? I called the hotel, asked if it was possible to check in early and did that, with just enough time to whip down the street and make the class. Upon my return from Yin, I felt stretched, refreshed and ready for a wonderful date and sleepover with my husband. As I walked into our suite, he turned and looked at me and said ” you look beautiful”.

Need I say more?



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