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Back To Back ( 357, 356, 354 Days To Go….) March 14, 2012

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Sunday March 11, 2011

I’ve decided to do a combo blog of the last few days at Yoga.

Sunday was quite the experience as it was my first class for ‘Intro to the Wall’. It was also the day of my daughter’s birthday party at the Hotel Fort Garry. The only class that I felt “qualified” for was this one, mostly because it had the word ‘Intro’ in the title. I was pushing it, for it ended and hour before our guests were to arrive. I down-graded my A type personality to a ‘C’, took a deep deep ( Yoga ) breath and chose to believe all would be well.

Intro To The Wall 1:30pm~An Explanation

There are two adjustable straps with a metal ball thingy at one end that ‘locks’ into a socket on the wall ( forgive me for my lame terminology ); On the other end are comfortable grip handles, which I personally held on to for dear life, initially anyways. Many of us were new to this one, so Serg ( my awesome KYMA teacher ) carefully went through all the poses, helping those ( like me ) who needed an adjustment here and there. Some were out of reach which was o.k, I didn’t feel lame at all, if anything I paid close attention to this my starting point, for it is what I am determined to leave in the dust, throughout the next year. The really cool part came when we attached a ‘cumberbun’, again forgive the terminology, to the two straps; This is when the ‘trust’ part really came into play. Visualize if you can, your back to the wall and the ‘cumberbun’ around your waist. From here we were instructed to ‘walk away’ from the wall, leaving our feet behind! In other words, lean lean lean. Couldn’t really escape the “I’m king of the world” type feeling. Here we did various stretching and then, get ready….we were asked to place the soles of our feet on the wall while still suspended with our arms reaching forward. ‘Sorry’, I questioned? Yup just imagine, feet UP on the wall, leaning fully forward, arms  S T R E T C H E D ~ O U T  in front of you…. Uber cool I’m telling ya, it felt like flying, but also like a stretch I would feel tomorra. The next phase included placing our knees on the wall, continuing with the said ‘Titanic position’; This my knees, healing ankle, politely piped up and said “Um, ya no”.

I enjoy all aspects of Yoga practice, though I must admit I super enjoy the last few minutes:) In the case of this “Intro To the Wall” class, we placed our noggin’s in one of the straps and laid down shavasana style and relaxed. It was awesome, in part because the strap was covering our ears and  this perfect pressure was on the lower back part of the skull, which is incredibly awesome. 

Serg said we would feel it the next day…..he was correct

Hot Yin 8:30pm~Monday/Tuesday March 12 & 13th

I did two Hot Yin classes on these nights which were basically the same as usual other than Tuesday’s. As I have mentioned I really appreciate the care and attention that went into the design of the Yoga Public Studio. The showers and locker room facilities are fantastic, except for when one has just finished an hour Hot Yin class. The water is quite hot, which I normally like, except after this type of class, is a bit much. I mentioned it to the assistant manager, and that they should possible allocate a ‘cool’ shower stall for those coming out of any hot yoga class, or if anything turn down the water tank heater a tad.  As per usual he duly noted my suggestion, even complimented me on it, which was….nice. Due to this situation not yet been resolved, I decided during dinner, an hour or so before my class, during a VERY nice glass of Malbec, that I would shower BEFORE class. Fast forward to the class, approximately 40 mins. in; I began to experience the double whammy sensation of the Malbec and the hot shower and can’t say for certain that I was as focused as usual, but I know one or two things:

My pores are as clean as they have ever been and my pain? Well, it didn’t know what the hell was going on this fair night…though the next day I felt much~mostly from the over stretching my “Malbec mind” thought I was able to do…

Not so much



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