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Balance & Realities ( 353 Days To Go….) March 15, 2012

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11:45am~ Physio Logic Lower Back & Fusion~March 14 &15th

I am beginning to see a rhythm taking place with the type of Yoga classes I have chosen to do. Following my instinct these days, serves me well, especially as it pertains to Yoga. My classes are a cross between challenging ( Evening Hot Yin/Core Wall ) to ‘Restorative’ ( Physio Logic ). The KYMA guided meditation classes on Fridays, rounds out the week for me rather well. On Wednesday my lower back was quite sore ( I also have disc issues:) so when I looked on the schedule and saw I had myself booked in for Physio Logic for the Lower Back, a grateful ‘Amen’ was spoken. Leslee the instructor, as I have mentioned, created this combo Physiotherapy & Yoga series targeting the neck and shoulders, lower back as well as a full body practice ( Fusion ). It was a tough class but the ‘edge’ was definitely taken off, which was great for I was able to carry on with less pain, throughout the day. Note: My norm would have been to take some pain meds, thankfully it wasn’t lost on me when I actually experienced a true example of what it is I’m trying to accomplish with ‘Yoga Versus My Pain’. Had myself an ‘Oprah ‘Ah ha’ moment’, and it felt good.

Next day was Physio Fusion. I awoke this a.m not feeling ‘right’, which considering how many years I’ve been on pain meds, well I suppose its understandable. I felt a tad dizzy, though nothing major, so off I went to class. Today’s practice targeted the whole body. At one point we were instructed to stand for some balancing poses…..awesome. Needless to say I could do none of them, and for whatever reason I began to feel really frustrated; Strange because there have been lots of things I haven’t been able to do in other classes, and at no point did I ever feel defeated. Today I did, plain and simple. One of the greatest gifts I have received from this experience so far has definitely been the understanding of the breath and its power, so with this new understanding……I took a moment, mid-day and began to breathe. I took all my frustrations IN,  then blew the buggers OUT and away. Note:  I’ve been feeling my ‘rebound’ time  getting shorter by bits. What I mean is that if I am feeling frustrated like above or sad, especially if the depression ‘blanket’ feels like its rising, I seem to be able to bring myself ‘back’ or ‘away’ from whatever it is I am feeling. I find this quite powerful….yup I’m starting to feel my power I reckon. All joking aside, I think this is big and something I am going to try to keep note of as I progress, though especially when digress for this is where it/I will be tested.

I also needed to acknowledge, that I’m not 25 anymore and truth be told, above and beyond the chronic stuff, I’m majorly out of shape. This is the reality right now and one that I need to remind myself of when I can’t do something. It’s not just about the illnesses, pain meds, it’s about the fact that I have not consistently done any true exercising for…..a long time. 

I have learned my true reality and the ‘force within’….not bad, not bad at all.




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