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Caught Between Yoga and A Cold Place (349 Days To Go…..) March 19, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 5:16 pm

8:30pm~Hot Yin~

Not feeling too great today. Because of having an incredible cute daughter, with kissably cheeks and a cold, seems I’ve picked it up. A tad worried to be honest for when I do catch a cold, or god help me a flu, I find myself seriously ill and out of commission for quite some time. One of the fears I’ve had to face since my husband started his new career, was what would I do if I got sick sick…meaning for more than a day or so. The moment I started to feel icky today, I went out and stocked up on good herbal teas, made chicken noodle bulk. Sometimes I’m lucky and these bugs just zip thru, paying me no mind. I figured going tonight to Hot Yin would be good for eliminating whatever is ailing me….

Class was good, though I’m not feeling as good as I was hoping I would. Maybe I pushed it a bit? Feeling quite crappy actually, off I go.



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