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Start Me Up (346 Days To Go…… ) March 22, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 11:12 pm

8:30pm~Hot Yin~

I don’t usually do Hot Yin on Thursdays, but one of my canine’s need his hair did, so here I was doing Yoga late night once again. I felt quite tired during the day so knowing I was going to be in practice later on, I decided to ingest a double Americano. The reason for mentioning this is because I began to wonder, during class time, if the caffeine I drank earlier had anything to do with what seemed like my amazing abilities, this fine eve? Everything I did I felt strong in doing, very controlled, pain….who? sorry never heard of him.

This is what I imagined I would feel like, say 300 days from now:) Bottom line, was my abilities this evening due to a substance or was I naturally progressing in my practice? I would think, close to 2o days in that maybe I am getting better, can I hear a Hula? I’m gonna concur here…and end with an additional Amen. I walked out the studio doors today with my head held high; Even if it was somewhat induced by caffeine… I’ll take it. Every day I show up, whether with my head held high or my chin down low, I have for all intense and purposes arrived, something I need to remind myself of…regularly. 



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