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I <3 KYMA ( 345 Days To Go ) March 23, 2012

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One of the amazing aspects of doing what I am doing is that, at no point does any of it feel like a ‘chore’. There is no mental build up that ever really takes place, re: Ugh…I gotta go to Yoga. My personality has seemed to always be one that includes boredom. I’ve gotten bored with a lot of things very quickly. Part of the reason I married my husband was that he was the first person, ever, that I didn’t get bored with. This makes me sound like kind of a jerk doesn’t it? In all fairness I get bored with myself too! The point here: there is not one aspect of my Yoga experience that bores me, not one bit of it. Knowing that I have KYMA on Fridays is for me my ‘treat’. I really enjoy the ‘travel’ aspect to this class, whether it be just within myself or an actual journey somewhere in the cosmos. It feels when we are guided to gently ‘wake up’ and become aware of our surroundings, that I have just experienced something new. I can lie down and breathe anytime yes, but this class seems to create and again allow me to experience sensations I haven’t felt before.

No boredom here, nope/ nada.

 The guided aspect of the class today was done with sounds from these beautiful ‘drums/bowls’ brought in by our teacher, Serg. I believe he said they were given to him by someone from Nepal.  Their purpose were to ‘mimic’ the word OM, usually chanted at the end of some of the classes, a wind up if you will. I didn’t ‘travel’ today but I did very much experience some really cool vibrational feelings throughout my body, especially from the very top of my head. At one point a certain ‘bowl’ was played and with that, instantaneously I began to feel this gentle yet apparent ‘pull’ from the top of my head; It was like I was made of plastiscine. There was a class going on next store, which was distracting, though Serg did say after class that the goal in time is to be able to meditate anywhere under any kind of circumstance. 

For now I  carry on towards the weekend and welcoming home my ultimate treat and that is my husband. Beginning to think about the Ayurvedic Workshop on Sunday, followed by the 10 day clense….here we go.



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