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Burger before Yoga Not so Good ( 342 Days To Go…) March 26, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 9:22 pm

~8:30pm~Hot Yin~

Not too much to report today, other than I ate too close and heavy for doing Yoga. Tomorrow is the start of my 10 cleanse, gulp, and so I thought having a nice gourmet burger with a glass of red wine wasn’t a bad idea..well ends up it was, big time. So uncomfortable I was during class God, though the worst was that, despite doing all the poses and keeping up, I was distracted. Feeling too full/uncomfortable left me unable to concentrate on my breathing. Have to say though, my leg is inching ever so close to my forehead, which for someone who was told they weren’t flexible….victory will be oh so sweet. I’m uber tired so off I go. Shopping for my ten-day cleanse tomorrow/starting it. No morning coffee, no granola, no sugar, no wine etc…should be interesting.



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