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Core Wall….O.K Now You’ve REALLY Pissed ‘Us’ Off ( 343 Days To Go….) March 26, 2012

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1:30~Intro To Core Wall~

I’m now pissed off, for real. Don’t know if one can be pissed off for fake, but regardless I’m mad. I went to improve on my goal of being able to do the ‘swing up with the arms, exhale bend the knees, thing on the wall ( I will find out the name of this audacious move in due time). Not only could I not do this well, a new pose was then introduced right after, one that had me  (bad Yoga etiquette/manners here), exclaiming loudly the following rhetorical question “Are you serious’? It just seemed impossible to do. I tried and tried to no avail. Speaking aloud killed the whole thing, which really was a goofy thing of me to do. One of the most important aspects to Yoga has been about ‘re-routing’ one’s mind into the body with the breath. I have experienced this power before and it really is dope. Today I obviously left my maturity at the door as well as my positive intentions. See that’s the thing about the ego I still haven’t learned, never allow it into any situation that requires maturity. I’m not interested in bringing any kind of ‘date’ to class anymore. Lesson learned. Honestly when I left class, I felt that what I am lacking in, especially with Core on the Wall, is stamina and strength. I am going to try next week, when I walk my dogs to do it with more ‘purpose’, meaning I’m going to walk with the intention of getting my heart rate up. My daughter and I actually decided we are going to walk to school in the mornings instead of driving. Here’s to building/locating my stamina! 

Next Up today…Arveydic Nuitrional Workshop 3-5pm~

This automatically makes me want some wine, bread and chocolate



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