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Cleanse Me Up Scotty! ~ Day One~ March 27, 2012

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~Tuesday~Day One~

My ‘norm’ has officially left the building, this I realized upon my awakening today. Previously unbeknownst to me, one of the first thoughts I have in the morning is about coffee…yikes. Coffee….ahh freshly brewed coffee a la my French Press, warm cream with splashes of….OK STOP IT!! No coffee for you! I hear myself yell, in some type of foreign accent. Alright alright…jeez louise. Today is the first day of my 10 day cleanse. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, all this Ayurvedic talk just came about recently. At no point did I fathom that a week later I would be doing a ten day cleanse! I new I was in trouble when I realized I didn’t even know how to spell the word cleanse; Regardless a door was opened, and is in line with my health improvement agenda, so embrace it I will.

I’ve never done a cleanse before, never really appealed to me, mostly because I thought I would be living in my bathroom. The No’s are the following: Meat,Caffeine, Dairy, Sugar, Wheat, Fun, Liquor (god help me). Everything else is fair game. Huh, o.k that leaves lots right? Yes of course, think of all the fruits and vegetables! I love vegetables, no problemo, then I checked my recipe folder on the computer. Bottom line, I mostly steam my veggies or add some yummy sauce. I knew I was in trouble here, so what’s a virgin cleanser to do? Call your awesome vegan neighbor chef that’s what! 

A few hours later I was off with E. (a.k.a awesome vegan neighbor chef) to an ethnic food store, but not before I ate some semi-rotten fruit and made my husband coffee ( needed to confront, that which I am to not have, face to face, look it square in the grind, turn and walk away..oh yes I can live without you…at least I hope I can). We entered the store amidst the heavy waft of spices. I made note of how these aromas made me feel, which was relaxed~note to self. Aisle by aisle we walked, with E. explaining what was what. Thankfully I love Basmati rice which I knew was going to be my staple this week, so with that I chose the one with the elephant on the front. Then to the spice area which was amazing. We grabbed the basic ones though decided to experiment with some unknowns. I also noticed the super cool shiny spice ‘cups’ all mushed in together in a tray with lid ( sure beats the open plastic ~come as you are~packages my current old spices live in). Beans were next, not a huge fan but needed to be open to these unknowns as well; Fruit and some veggies rounded out the shop. Total cost: $84, not bad for 10 days, give or take.

We went home, tried to figure out where everything would go, realized I need WAY more containers, then the cooking began or in my case the ‘observing’. I have felt really hungry today, which probably is more psychological than anything. I have eaten mostly fruit, though had an amazing salad where E. works called the ‘Dragon Bowl (basically a salad with miso dressing~yes please~and brown rice) so good. Over the next couple of hours I watched as E. cooked up a storm in my kitchen, all burners been used simultaneously, telling me what was what, watching the spices been thrown in here and there, it was like watching a conductor created beautiful haunting music. I was also shown how to make Ghee, which was really an interesting experience. Much of what goes ‘down’ in Ayurvedic cooking comes from one’s disposition. When cooking ghee, it is said that one should be mindful and in a state of peace as this affects the process and end product. I witnessed all these different stages over the course of a half hour or so. My sixteen year old negative ninney son attempted to pick a fight, though I banished him so as to not upset this experience I was having with the ghee…I love butter.

We sat and ate and it was great. Can’t say I’m used to this kind of food yet, but I am willing to try to be open. I feel pretty dopey and light-headed, which I’m sure is from the lack of caffeine and sugar. Wow, I’m actually eliminating ALL drugs from my system…interesting.  I’m off to my 8:30 Hot Yin Class shortly.



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