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Injury Understood…(341 Days To Go…) March 27, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 2:58 pm

~8:30pm~Hot Yin~

Tonight’s class was better, lesson learned from the previous night’s burger experience. I ate much earlier in the evening and felt the difference. Note to self: Everything was easier. Some times the room is extra hot, tonight was one of those, holy crap. Above and beyond the stretching that happens in this class, the fact that I am sweating so much is really benefiting me as well. My skin is so soft and hydrated, “more supple” my husband commented:) I have learned a lesson as well about being mindful while in a Hot Yoga class. Because the muscles are relaxed and happy in the heat, which makes stretching ‘easier’, there is also a possibility to go to far. I seemed to have done this last Saturday. By the time Monday came around it was quite sore. It’s one of those muscle pulls that takes time to heal. The good news is I feel no pain while doing Yoga, its only afterwards that it seems to seize up….hello heating pad.



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