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~Cleanse Day Two~ March 28, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 3:49 pm

Not having a good day, horrible horrible headache. It feels like my brain has been squeezed. super grumpy as well. thankfully I have Physio Logic today, don’t know if I could do anything else. Still on track with the cleanse. only good thing to report is that I don’t have any cravings, well except for this f#*king headache to go away. It gets to me when I am trying to do things to be and feel better and in the process have to feel shitty. not making sense, I feel super hazy. soldier on I shall. Today I did so more shopping got some peppermint tea, a schwack of beets and carrots. E. was with me which was good, he’s fun to shop with a really funny dude. I realized my children needed food as well! I got them ironically what I call ‘lazy food’. I seriously have no energy these last two days to cook, like I normally do. We came home after the shop and juiced a bunch of carrots and beets and it tasted awesome, so this perked me up a bit. Wish it wasn’t so friggin grey and gloomy out, it adds to the whole ‘not feeling groovy’ theme these days.

that is all


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