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Why’s (340 Days To Go…) March 28, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 10:48 pm

~11:45~Physio Logic Lower Back~

Good class today, never a bad thing to work on my lower back. Other than my upper back area ( need to ask what’s this is called ), which has been quite sore the last week, my only other complaint has been my lower back. My instinct is telling me that it is part of this process of healing my body and getting in shape. I feel with each class I’m inching, and I mean INCHING, towards improving my overall ability in Yoga. I’m envisioning the day when I can successfully do ALL the poses and what that will feel like. There’s really no way, I’ve come to realize, to get one’s self in better shape/health wise, then to really seriously go for it. I have tried many many times to achieve these goals, but for whatever reasons, I just never could attain any measure of success. I don’t really understand what happened this time to make all of this work for me. To a certain extent, its effortless. Yes the classes can be difficult, not drinking a lovely glass of organic red wine each eve especially is tough, but ‘something’ else seems to be creating an ease. Why now, WHY NOT! some voice jumps in and responds. Suppose I don’t need to figure EVERYTHING out always, maybe in time or when I enter the pearly gates I’ll find out, maybe I just grew the frig up!

Regardless of all the why’s, I am beyond grateful 



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