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Company Yahoo! (339 Days To Go….) March 29, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 11:04 pm

~11:45am~Physio Logic Fusion~

I don’t mind been alone, as time goes on I seem to like it more and more. Doing what I’m doing each day can be lonely, in the me vs. my goals scenerio, but mostly I feel fine. I wish on many a day that my husband was here, since he is my bestest friend and a great listener. He knows me well, so if I’m crapping on myself ( which I tend to do regularly ), he is the one to pipe up and say ‘Stop It’! Today I had the pleasure of having my greatest girlfriend come to Yoga with me. It was really nice and comforting. I love her dearly so it was really awesome to share my home away from home with her. This class I tend to struggle in for whatever reason. Today, like yesterday I felt that I made headway, despite flubbing a bit here and there ( this due to not been at the front of the class where I usually am, and where I can see). Not drinking coffee seems to make it a tad easier to stay focused I’ve noticed, which is odd isn’t it? I thought coffee is suppose to help one concentrate better? Huh. It was good to have a partner in class, something I hope to have more of…hint hint S:) 



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