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~Easing Up~ Cleanse Day Three March 29, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 4:03 pm

As I felt myself waking up this morning, I braced for the continuation of headache-land, where I have been living the last 48 hours.  Thankfully it has eased up a bit, though was still somewhat present. The phone rang and it was E. calling to see if I wanted to do some juicing. Yup let’s do it! I replied. Soon after I was down in the kitchen peeling away, enjoying the process of making this fresh and healthy drink. This time we added some pineapple….lordy lordy it tasted good. My good friend Sharon was coming with me today to Yoga which was exciting. It was a really good class and I felt I improved a bit. My spirits were higher today I must admit, so too was the light at the end of the now, not so long tunnel. After Yoga we came back to my house and had lunch. S. eats very healthy normally, so it was not a hard sell with my offerings of E’s. wonderfully made food. We had coconut rice, Dahl ‘stuff’ and did some more juicing. S. suggested we add lemon, which we did and it was great. I have to go to do some work tomorrow so I’m hoping my energy picks up a bit. Today I felt lighter, though made the mistake of looking in the mirror to see my body looking the same. Smack Smack!! Fuck Off Ego, go away, and so I returned to that which never steers me wrong, my  inner voice a.k.a



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