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~Application & Remembrance~ Cleanse Day Four March 30, 2012

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Woke today with NO HEADACHE! In spite of this I felt quite blah. The weather continues to be shitty and grey, which doesn’t help. I laid around in bed for a while, which probably wasn’t the best idea since this always just deepens the blah’s. I read in one of the Ayurvedic books that when one awakes, they should get up right away. I’m thinking this is good advice, so that the day and all that goes on in it, doesn’t appear to be so ‘much’. As I began to physically get up, I heard the dogs barking and E. coming into the kitchen to do some juicing. Again tasted great, he even made some for my daughter and her friend who slept over..LOVE LOVE this MAN ( my husband approves:) I went to Yoga KYMA and then straight to my cleaning gig for 3 hours. I noticed I was feeling a bit light-headed at one point near the end, so I sat and drank a bit of water and breathed. Need to do better food management here.  Finished it off the job and did a few more errands. This was my first day of really ‘doing stuff’, since we have been on Spring Break the last 10 days and on the cleanse. One of my concerns was whether I could ‘function’ in my normal day-to-day life, while feeling….different. The more I thought about this, ‘feeling different’, the more I began to realize that I am experiencing myself in a whole new way. Yes I was healthy at one point in my life, but I am no longer THAT person. Now I am 42 with children and diseases. Even so, I can’t help wondering if this ‘newness’ I am experiencing with the daily Yoga and now with this pure eating, is not maybe the ‘healthy gal’ I’ve dreamt and thought of for many years now? Hokey? Maybe, but I am a true believer in listening to my instincts and inner voice. “You are more than what you have become; This haunting message is starting to possibly ring true.

It’s either this or a major lack of sugar and caffeine, time will tell.


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