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Ups & Downs…They’re Gonna Happen (326 Days To Go…) April 10, 2012

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~KYMA 11:45am~Hot Yin 3:00pm~Intro to Wall 1:30pm~Hot Yin 10:00am/Meditation 11:45am~Hot Yin 8:00pm

The above are the classes I have taken since my last blog entry, in other words, I am still going every day, in some instances even 2x. I suppose it is inevitable that the ‘honeymoon ends’ or the ‘bubble bursts’, and in my case it did, or so I thought, during this last week. With the Easter weekend/hubby coming home I failed to properly organize my ‘new menu’. It didn’t seem like a big deal, yet it was. I ate whatever and because of this I began to feel bloated, especially with the milk. I don’t know if it was because of the cleanse, but suffice to say I began really feeling like crap and physically I felt all seized up. None of my classes except the Saturday Hot Yin class felt as good as the previous ones had? Mentally it seemed like I couldn’t ‘engage’. Was the newness and excitement starting to wear off? Yeesh, I hope not! The wall class on Sunday was a real wash. Each bloody class, I’m now on my 4th, feels like it’s my first time. Specifically the triangle and warrior poses still are so difficult. Needless to say I felt bummed out by the time I left.

Despite Sunday’s class been a downer, Saturday’s on the other hand was FANTASTIC. It was for two reasons, actually three. #1~Serge, who virtually everyone loves, taught the class. It was different and really interesting. Yin is such a physiological class and for anyone who wants to see what their made of ( currently ), it’s a great one to take. I had no expectations of myself when I started this class, knowing only that I would try to not fret if I couldn’t ‘do everything’. Obviously I should use this same advice for the wall class! Last weeks classes (Apr.2 onwards) each gave me confidence, for I was able to really go deep and with more ease. #2~This continued with the Yin class. I had moment when I realized my forehead was on my knee. I was concentrating and focusing so hard on my breathing, allowing my body to just do its thing, that I didn’t know until I felt my head ‘hit something’; I thought WOW, I’ve ‘landed’! It felt great. THEN, #3~my Father decided to visit me! I could feel him all around me. At this exact moment, Serge began reciting a saying my Father always used to say:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

 Weep, yup and then some. I felt like pinching myself. How and when did my life start feeling so real, so great. I especially love these emotions, for they have nothing to do with money ( or lack thereof) or my weight, or career (or lack thereof), it was and IS purely, about enjoying the feeling of goodness and health. The best part? I created this feeling for my mind and body; For me, this is very powerful. I have said to friends that I feel ‘carried’; It’s similar to when I quit smoking, cold turkey after 15 years. Some say, “it doesn’t matter how this has happened, only that it did”. I lovingly disagree:) and that’s o.k, for much of what is happening to me has absolutely no logic to it, and for this romantic, this suits me 

Just fine



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