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Challenge me…if you must { 45 days in } April 16, 2012

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April 10-16th

Hot Yin 8:30pm~Physio Logic 11:45am~Hot Yin 1:30pm~KYMA 11:45am~ Hot Yin 3:00pm~TRX 2:00pm/Hot Yin 3:00 pm~Hot Yin 10:00am/Meditation 11:45am

So a good week was had. Hi-lights included the return of my teacher Monica to my Hot Yin classes (weekend/night-time slots). Funny what can happen when regularity is disrupted. I really like all the teachers, though I’ve found this funky body of mine, had begun to be a creature of habit. This past Saturday I was super happy to hear her voice begin the class. I joked afterwards, exclaiming ‘don’t ever leave again’. In the back of my mind the last few weeks I have felt that I need to get stronger. My body has responded really well to Hot Yin and Physio Logic. Yoga on the wall, as I’ve mentioned, consistently challenges me which is good, though I can’t seem to improve. I feel really weak, ALWAYS during the class. With this theme of instinct and doors opening at whim, I had yet another opportunity presented to me, this past Sunday. I arrived for my wall class and was told “Sorry Nancy, the class has been cancelled.” What! Who! When! I felt like the Ant in the movie a  A Bug’s Life when the leaf dropped

I was calmly given the option to take the TRX “Body Blast” class ( Ya, no I don’t think so, what else is there. “Nothing until 3:00pm”, it was 1:30pm. I conferred with some of the staff and they convinced me I could do it. Leslee (Physio Logic) even came downstairs  and showed me a few ‘moves’. Huh, o.k maybe I can, plus it’s only 45 minutes……..Then the regular students started to arrive; That’s when I knew I was in trouble. Suffice to say, the class massively kicked my ass. The teacher’s idea of a break was a maybe 15 sec. water break. At least 4-5 different times I couldn’t do what was instructed. Why? Because I currently have no stamina or strength. I felt defeated and fat…not good. 

I came upstairs to a few high-fives. While I appreciated the support, I was severely pissed off and tired. I don’t believe I could actually feel my legs. Monica turned to me with her beautiful encouraging smile and said “You gotta do my Yin class now”! I believe the actual word for work reaction in my mind was something like ” Are you currently crazy, or have you ever been deemed as such”? I slouched down to the floor, resting my sweaty head against the wall and said I’d think about it. I checked the time, then did an inventory of children and animals. Next thing I knew my sorry tired ass was positioned on the warm/hot mat. The familiar voice welcomed us to our 75 minute Hot Yin class! 




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