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All One Needs On A Friday is some good KYMA ( 49 Days…) April 20, 2012

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~11:45am KYMA~

So today I awoke late for a work gig ( I have one or two, here and there ). I am one of those anal souls, who find it rude and just plain ol’ bad, to ever arrive late…for anything.  I’ve always seemed to need those moments, the quiet calm ones, prior to starting whatever it is I’m starting. I’m going to blame my tardiness this a.m on my husband who arrived in town 2 days early. One of my challenges consistently, is keeping up with my “everythings”, when he comes home. I seem to go into a bit of a lazy state the moment I see him. Note: he is one of the most hug-able beings ever created, so this doesn’t help. Some part of my psyche seems to know that I’m about to have a bit of a break, meaning he can take over picking/dropping off kids, laundry, cooking etc.. You see I do that and then some, alone for 3.75 weeks a month. Anyhoo, we had a late night:) and slept in:) leaving me running behind. He helped me at my client’s thankfully, but even with this help I was getting to the point that I was possible going to miss KYMA. I became, within minutes, very grumpy and bitchy. The ranting began as well as some hormonal ‘dipping’. I took the driver’s seat, literally, and zipped downtown, going off course, leaving me stuck in beyond annoying traffic. He got ticked off at my ‘attitude’ and by the time I got to YP, I was in quite a tizzy. Into the locker room I ran, and then into my good friend and neighbour. We went to class and by the end, I was again centered and filled with peace. You know what? Even if a pill was created to give this kind of effect, the post-yoga or meditation effect, I wouldn’t take it. I would go thru the practice, with all the other energies (a.k.a people) in the room, any struggles….all of it, in a heartbeat. Why? Because I would know that I did it; I did the practice, whether with ease or with struggle.

This ethic is part of who I am, something I can’t nor will ever deny, no matter how tough



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