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Foundation Buildiing { 64 Days In } May 5, 2012

~April 28th TRX 2pm/Hot Yin 3pm~April 29th Hot Yin 3pm~April 30th Hot Yin 10am/Meditation 11:45am~ May 1st Thai Massage/Yoga 10am * Ar0mansse~May 2nd *Hot Flow 12noon~May 3rd Hot Yin 1:30pm~May 4th Hot Flow 12noon~May 5th TRX 2:00pm/Hot Yin 3:00pm~

Probably the only thing not exhausting me these days is Yoga, that’s the good great news. The bad news is one of my children, is in crisis. My world inside the Yoga studio strongly sustains my outer one, THIS, is no word of a lie. Not unlike all who are important to me, Yoga is now officially part of my family; It gave birth to me, not the other way round. I come to it daily to exercise all my demons, cry out all my hurt and pain, and rejoice the fact, that I AM DOING YOGA EVERYDAY!

These days I dedicate my practice to my son, who is suffering something fierce, aswell as to my other child, who is being deeply effected by all this drama, chaos and uncertainty. One conscious staple that never changes, is the thanks I give this body of mine, for never giving up, and continually being brave alongside me.  I have felt renewed and better able to deal with, what I knew I was going to have to face, during each moment, hour and minute of this current family crisis. Having said that, we all have choices and I could have avoided it all, rationalizing etc..

Thankfully, that ain’t who I am no more

There was newness to my practices this week. For one, I experienced Thai Massage for the very first time. Serge, the wonderful Frenchman, who I want to marry in my next life btw, provided me with an amazing experience. Because my eyes were closed for the majority of the session, I wasn’t aware of what it ‘looked like’; I was told only to breath and calm my ‘monkey mind’. In a nutshell, different energy points in the body are ‘opened’. The practitioner stretches out all areas of the body with their body strength, and with the help of the recipient. It is very much a ‘team effort’, for one must relax and breath; With all the different areas being worked on, the flow of energy will come to be unlocked . Serge and I spoke afterwards about many things, but one particular lesson stood out for me. When I had checked the time after we had finished, I realized I needed to quickly get going, because this day, ( May 1st) was my 60th day of doing consecutive yoga. My car died, and not to be resurrected anytime soon. These days I’m a walking/bussing girl, and needed to figure out how to get to my class at YP in 30minutes. Serge looked at me and said “You’ve done your Yoga for today”. “No, no I replied, I have to go to class, THEN I’ll have done my practice for the day”. He explained:  Yoga is not just about doing only the physical practice, as most of us understand it; It can and is found in everyday life, doing everyday things…..even folding laundry.

Huh, who knew?

This day, I came and worked with this wonderful teacher, by helping my body and mind  open and settle ( not so good at doing this with my monkey mind yet, but i’m working on it). He instructed me to then walk and find a forest, and be quiet for one hour. I was unable to do this, in part because a) I didn’t know where a forest was in this part of town, and b) I needed to tend to my son. Many of us look for balance in our lives, and despite not achieving possibly the ‘ideal’ situation, all we can do is our best. First and foremost I came and gave myself this time, “now I thought, I need to give to my child”. The beautiful thing was the way in which I was able to navigate thru a very trying experience afterwards, one in which I know is far from over. The peace I felt within, due to the Thai Massage and this blessed man, was amazing, and lasted for days. I highly recommend to everyone to go and experience this with the wonderful, beautiful soul named Serge Salvador.

The other news is that I have started ‘Flow’ Classes. I wasn’t sure what this was, so being prudent I went on to the Yp website and read up on it:

Yoga Public Hot Flow
“A dynamic flow class which uses breath as the primary link between the integration of body and mind. This class is an intensified cardiovascular practice that will strengthen and revitalize your body the entire class. The calories will burn away as you purify and move through each of the poses.Room temperature is approximately 35 to 38 degrees”.

Eeesh! “Well, I think I’m ready, so here goes,” I thought to myself. I don’t know why I ever bother asking “is it hard?”. I’m never lied to per se, for in time it isn’t ‘hard’, though can always be challenging. So into the first class I went, but prior to entering the studio, where I have taken many Hot Yin classes, I was advised to bring a towel. I wondered why, for I’ve been in this heat many times before? Well lemme tell ya, by 10 minutes in, I fully appreciated the reason. My GOD! My mat I could have dived into and had a nice little swim after the hour was up!

Suffice to say I did it, finished the class and was able, within reason to keep up. As soon as the lights were dimmed, near the end, off came my bra, forgot to change into my Yoga one, no one noticed, that is until I walked out of the studio with it drapped over my shoulder:) I do what I need to do, especially when exhausted. I repeated with another Hot Flow two days later, and like with anything new, it became a tad easier, not ‘easy’ just easier. 

My foundation continues to build, as does life’s hardships, but having this ever improving body, mind and spirit, prepares me for anything, and anyone thrown my way.




3 Responses to “Foundation Buildiing { 64 Days In }”

  1. bethazore! Says:

    well said sister!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Nancy, your an inspiration to us all. You are truly a remarkable woman! Thank you for sharing your heart felt journey to recovery with me & others who are following you along on your healing voyage. I think I’m going to join your Yoga class too! 🙂
    I’m sending you a huge hug!!!!!!
    XXXXXXXXX Talk to you soon, Michelle

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