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100 Days….:) June 10, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 10:57 pm

Quick diddy this eve. Just wanted to acknowledge this day and the abundance of gratitude I feel. Like any milestone met, it is done with the contribution of many. The following I pay deep homage and gratitude to, Bless You All and thank you.

Cameron, Beck, Scotia, Beth, Esan, Pauline, Sharon, Ida, Monica, Serge, Natasha, Bonnie, Alex, Alessandra, Sandy & Jonathan.

This combination of family and teachers/advisors are what it took to get me thus far.



2 Responses to “100 Days….:)”

  1. Sandy Says:

    So very happy and proud to have you in my life Nancy. Your kindness, wisdom, strength and determination are so very inspiring, and I look forward to tagging along on your yoga journey. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways – big and small.


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