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Top Ten Awesome Yo! July 18, 2012

Filed under: Health Hopes — Working From Bed Productions @ 3:44 am

Top Ten Stuff I Can Do Now ( Thanks To Yoga ), That I Couldn’t Before

10~Tree Pose while cooking dinner ( with a wee bit of support~shout out to You Stove!)

9~Ride My Bike downtown WITH my Daughter!

8~Love Making…Well It’s Just Better:)

7~Sleep! Especially After a Late Evening Hot YIn Class!


5~COMPLETELY WRAP a Yoga Public towel around my body!! Hella! ( Big Gals Can Appreciate;)

4~Walk Up and Down Flights of Stairs without hand rail….What! Really? Yup!

3~Wear A Bikini and feel fine🙂

2~Shave my Mutha F#%king Legs with ease

Drum Roll……….

1~Catch My Reflection Here and There and Smile



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