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Found It February 11, 2013

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“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”  


Recently returned from a trip to Quebec with my son. I rarely travel, though no experience is ever greater than that of a rare one. Giddy; I love everything about the word and the experience of feeling it. We were in Montreal for only a day and a half before heading south to check out a school. I was hoping to find a place to do my  Yoga practice. While owning only a “dumb” phone, I asked my son to google “Ashtanga  Montreal” on his intelligent one. “Well look at that, there’s an actual Yoga Studio called Ashtanga Montreal, that was easy”.            

The following day, after a tad too much sake, I got up and braved the frigid winds and temps ( -35) and began walking in the direction of where I believed the studio was located. After a few wrong turns and  much eye rolling from bustling busy bodies, due to my standard opening question, parle-vous anglais?”, I found it.  A very friendly lady greeted me and after a quick exchange and mat rental, there I was alone, in a large open space with a wall of huge windows, separating me and Rue de Sainte Catherine….nice.  I wasn’t sure where to place my mat, since I saw no Guru imagery anywhere. I stood for a moment and found my direction.  It felt a tad strange at first, since I am used to seeing and hearing bodies around me. Ironic considering that when I began my practice, trying to focus on anything BUT the people and noises around me was my main goal, finding myself having to re-adjust to the quiet was interesting. The good news? I began to hear my breath and nothing else.

I was able to fully focus on the breath, the movement of the asanas just came and went, they were no longer that which I had paid so much attention to; Practicing the same bits over and over gave my body the ability to do them on its own, seemingly without the aid of my mind…..uber uber cool. I finished feeling great, bid adieu to the studio and made my way down to the cafe that I spotted on my way in; “Here I will visit afterwards”, I promised myself, for a strong café latte and croissant. I bravely placed my order in french receiving minimal eye rolling from the barista. Happily I strolled back to the hotel feeling complete. Lucky lucky moi.



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