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Plan A…Retreat For Two <3 March 29, 2013

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Part One

Before leaving for our stay up north, I wrote about my quest for healthy living, as it pertains to food. Prior to our departure I carefully planned what my daughter and I would be eating for 16 days. Come to think of it “planned” maybe too strong of a word, it was more like “strongly thought about”. 

While entering the store I felt initially anxious; “How do I do this? I have no idea what kind of cookware etc. is up there?” I quickly stopped, found a corner, squatted down and made note of the ‘absolutes’, beginning with my bodium and coffee grinder ( I will be working for 16 days in a row….till 2am~my current schedule, up at 6am, bed at 10pm…) I began with the equipment and then ‘filled in the blanks’ with food; juicer, blender to start. Despite the super sized square footage of the store, I have over the last few months orientated myself to the small area where the ‘good stuff’ is located, a.k.a  the organic isles. The beauty of this is that I no longer have to go up and down aisles, one by one, sucking up the time I’d rather spend doing….just about anything else. I wouldn’t mind shopping, if I could do so while in a lovely open aired market. For now I hit the two isles mentioned, then meander thru the veggie and fruit section.

The thing about switching over to organics is that price does play a part, as does convenience, though I do not want to ‘carry over’ my old lame habits, like only going to the big superstores purely for convenience.  My ultimate shopping goal is to create a food buying club with family and friends, which is currently in its infancy stage, and purchase primarily seasonal, local food. As it stands I am purchasing grass-fed organic meat and poultry from local farmers thru a website called  Harvest Moon.

The shopping went well. I figured, ‘keep it easy and basic’ as I had no clue at the time what kind of environment I would be entering. Not only am I trying to purchase ‘happy meat’, as we like to call it (  animals who have been raised and slaughtered, ethically ) I am also attempting to purchase foods that are good for those of us with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Lastly, I am somewhat ‘hijacking’ my daughter food-wise. I know there is a store where we are going, but I also know it is very expensive due to location, so I am hoping that by ‘immersing’ ourselves in what I’ve bought, we will continue onwards with our move into healthier, purer eating.  What we have is what we have…period.

“It’s like going to a foreign country, I explained to my daughter, unable to speak the language, and in the end your fluent! So, this means I can eat both the old food I used to and the new organic stuff? ….Umm, no”.

Keeping with the simplistic theme, I created a daily menu, here’s an example:

Breakfast: Smoothie~frozen fruit, organic yogurt, org. coconut oil, org. flax-seed oil.

Lunch: org.greens, avocado, chicken, balsamic vinegar/olive oil.

Snack: fruit, granola

Dinner: egg pasta, veggies, org. ground beef, salad w/org.apples  


Lots of water

~ Daily Yoga & Meditation

In spite of our pending location, my goal was to create for my daughter and I our VERY own retreat

….this was the plan



Reservations…..No More March 21, 2013

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So here I sit typing away, nearly a week now gone by since my daughter and I drove up north….WAY up North. As I entered into the larger than large 4×4 early last Friday morning, packed to the roof ( and then some ) full of stuff for this northern adventure, I remembered something; Before shifting into “DRIVE”, I heard my husband’s voice~ “Check your mirrors, make sure you have complete visibility”. “Right, o.k, side left mirror good, right one, nice and clear, rear view…not so much.  What I did see however was our Yoga Mats standing upright, like excited children going on vacation, smiling  I got out, opened up the back and”settled”them down. THIS had me feeling happiness, in that moment, for I knew that Yoga really is part of my life and will go with me wherever and whenever, always.

The weather that morning wasn’t great, so I felt a little uneasy, though I reminded myself I am in the BEST possible vehicle for highway driving, especially winter highway driving. When I say the best vehicle this couldn’t be truer. My daughter was equipt in the backseat with her own entertainment unit, complete with a fold down DVD movie screen and headphones, while I had multiple hours of audio books to enjoy up front. Never wanting to shy away from doing ‘stuff’ together, my daughter suggested we ‘watch’ the movie together…so that we did. She provided all the visual descriptions, while I caught bits and pieces of dialogue, and I mean bits. Not the most relaxing way to experience a movie, but it was interesting.

The last time I drove 10 hours was when I was 23 yrs. old, yup that’d be 20 years ago. I remember it been exhausting  and somewhat freaky. Probably shouldn’t have remembered this little diddy, for then I knew where I was going, this time not so much. I did have a map my employer/family friend drew for me, including locations of where I can let my fully freaked out beagle out for a pee and where I can’t? “How come?”, I inquired….”Wild dogs”, he replied. “Ahh….eesh”. I began to visualize wild dogs running out of the forest, a la Twilight movie, straight at us,  while I’m running frantically trying with all my might to ‘swing’ into my arms my ever chubby beagle, Yo Yo style~ OR would I just run…solo, you see, we have MAJOR beagle issues, but that’s a whole other blog..

I snapped my mind back, its fine, it will be fine….my least favourite word btw.

By hour 4 I began feeling funky, but not in a good way. This happened back and forth throughout the trip, but you know what? For every ‘moment’ I had of the negative persuasion, NATURE popped up in my visual and said” LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!”  I cannot tell you how beautiful it is up in this part of the province ( Manitoba) Yes I’ve seen trees and yes I’ve seen sky, but not like this~There it was again, I realized, this gentle nudge, a reminder of what really was important, what to focus on, and this was in a word beauty, specifically the beauty of nature.  Driving with this state of consciousness was yet another example of doing Yoga. I have learnt to focus on my breath, but outside the studio….this was something new, and I liked it!

We arrived late, survived close to 2 hours of ‘off off ‘roading’ en route to the Cross Lake Reservation. I prayed hard during these last bits of road warrioring that a) I would know what a “buggy” was ( a construction worker stopped to advise me to  “watch out for these machines, which would zip onto the ‘highway’ at random”). These ‘buggies’, which sounded like they would be small, actually turned out to be mammoth road scrapers. I nearly peed my pants during a few of these encounters, which isn’t hard to do, especially if one has experienced multiple pregnancies. My next prayer b) that we wouldn’t arrive at night. I don’t like to drive at night, vision issues. As we were trekking down this God awful road, seemingly taking forever ( at this point in time, due to tiredness and foggy brain syndrome, Yoga took a backseat and watched a movie with my daughter).  I began to sense the light diminishing. “How in the heck am I going to find where we are staying the friggin black of blackness? Again, just like before, PoP! there it was… another amazing distraction; the most beautiful sunset sky I’d ever seen….ever. It took up what seemed like the ENTIRE sky!  

I was transported for a moment outside myself, witnessing us travelling on this long, bumpy, dusty road with no other vehicles in sight, all the while being enveloped by this protecting heavenly sky…Moments later, a small sign that read Cross Lake appeared, we had arrived

After I reflected later on in the evening, after our quick offload was complete ( quick due to some seriously cold arctic winds), while enjoying a beautiful glass of Malbec, I came to appreciate the ongoing gifts of Yoga, in all its many many forms.



Northern Exposure March 14, 2013

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LotusSo since I finished my first year of blogging about my Yoga efforts I wondered, what’s next? Without a second thought I heard my mind or self scream FOOD! Over the last few months I have slowly started exploring foods, even did a 10 day cleanse, back last spring. I’ve gone back and forth with food and my weight. I’ve juiced, still do actually just not as often as I would like plus I’ve even switched over to probably 80% organic. I thought it would be interesting to carry on my blog, with bits about Yoga as I continue to evolve with it, but really start reading and learning about food basics. My theory is that if I read as much as I can, within reason, then build what makes sense to me ( instinctually ) I may just find what it is I have been searching for….a healthy, realistic diet.

Food I believe is really ‘where its at’, that and breathing. I’m not looking to be anything but me, tho I would like to evolve on all aspects into what I feel is my ultimate. By having certain aspects ‘in place’ I feel I will be able to enjoy other areas of life and not feel like I’m constantly being pushed and pulled. My health was number one on the list. I have established a strong Yoga practice now, so from here I am looking towards food and balance with it. 

I was offered a lucrative gig way up Northern Manitoba on a reserve called Cross Lake. I am filling in for the brother of our family friend. Quite nervous as it is a 8-10 hour trek on a highway I’ve never been on, and a road that when looking at it on the map, shows checker marks describing its terrain….yikes. It pays very well and lord knows we need extra funds whenever possible. Whereas my daughter’s friends are all going to Disneyland or the Caribbean, we’re going to a remote reserve! I really like the idea of an adventure, a new experience unlike anything we have ever done before. My daughter is concerned, after all she’s only 12 and has only heard bad things about reservations. My plan is for us to carry on with our Yoga practice and begin a meditation as well. I’m thinking of  putting up an ad for anyone interested in doing Yoga, never know right?

Lastly, concerning Yoga, yesterday when finishing up with my practice my teacher Jonathan sat down and helped me get into the lotus position……and to my massive amazement I did it! It was weird I’ll admit, but VERY VERY empowering. 

 Bless this body of mine, so grateful



Yoga Me Healthy…Yup I Sure Did!!! One Year Done and Done:) March 4, 2013

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Today has been a great day. I celebrated with family and friends my daughters 12th birthday, all the while smiling to myself in recognition that today was also the day 12 months ago that I decided to make a change and commitment to my health, and self. I did so by choosing to bring all aspects of Yoga into my life. 

I still have health struggles, but nothing even close to what I endured prior to beginning Yoga. My mental health is by far the most improved aspect from this last year, which really has been crucial for me and my family.  My sense of self has strengthened along with an amazing spiritual surge that has enabled me to handle the negative days in such a way that I am no longer in fear of being broken. I have inspired my young daughter to take on this daily  and worthwhile challenge, with the hope that she continues onwards and upwards in her practice, building her own foundation, one in which she can stand upon on throughout her life.  My seventeen year old son now works on the weekends where I practice (Yoga Public), and has recently begun taking classes prior starting his shifts, including nightly Hot Yin classes. He sleeps better and finds that his breathing and endurance has greatly improved, especially during his football camps and conditioning sessions.

I began with the initial goal of practicing Yoga everyday for 365 days. I did not understand what Yoga meant then and to a certain extent I still don’t….completely. What matters to me at this point is that I have found an amazing means in which to better myself and life and for this I am, and will forever be, grateful.

Heres to all the blessings I have received from this ever amazing body of mine and the people who have supported me throughout this last year. I am so looking forward to the future and the continuous goal of improving my body, mind and spirit. Again to my family, friends and teachers at Yoga Public I love and thank you so very much.