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Northern Exposure March 14, 2013

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LotusSo since I finished my first year of blogging about my Yoga efforts I wondered, what’s next? Without a second thought I heard my mind or self scream FOOD! Over the last few months I have slowly started exploring foods, even did a 10 day cleanse, back last spring. I’ve gone back and forth with food and my weight. I’ve juiced, still do actually just not as often as I would like plus I’ve even switched over to probably 80% organic. I thought it would be interesting to carry on my blog, with bits about Yoga as I continue to evolve with it, but really start reading and learning about food basics. My theory is that if I read as much as I can, within reason, then build what makes sense to me ( instinctually ) I may just find what it is I have been searching for….a healthy, realistic diet.

Food I believe is really ‘where its at’, that and breathing. I’m not looking to be anything but me, tho I would like to evolve on all aspects into what I feel is my ultimate. By having certain aspects ‘in place’ I feel I will be able to enjoy other areas of life and not feel like I’m constantly being pushed and pulled. My health was number one on the list. I have established a strong Yoga practice now, so from here I am looking towards food and balance with it. 

I was offered a lucrative gig way up Northern Manitoba on a reserve called Cross Lake. I am filling in for the brother of our family friend. Quite nervous as it is a 8-10 hour trek on a highway I’ve never been on, and a road that when looking at it on the map, shows checker marks describing its terrain….yikes. It pays very well and lord knows we need extra funds whenever possible. Whereas my daughter’s friends are all going to Disneyland or the Caribbean, we’re going to a remote reserve! I really like the idea of an adventure, a new experience unlike anything we have ever done before. My daughter is concerned, after all she’s only 12 and has only heard bad things about reservations. My plan is for us to carry on with our Yoga practice and begin a meditation as well. I’m thinking of  putting up an ad for anyone interested in doing Yoga, never know right?

Lastly, concerning Yoga, yesterday when finishing up with my practice my teacher Jonathan sat down and helped me get into the lotus position……and to my massive amazement I did it! It was weird I’ll admit, but VERY VERY empowering. 

 Bless this body of mine, so grateful



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