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Yoga Me Healthy…Yup I Sure Did!!! One Year Done and Done:) March 4, 2013

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Today has been a great day. I celebrated with family and friends my daughters 12th birthday, all the while smiling to myself in recognition that today was also the day 12 months ago that I decided to make a change and commitment to my health, and self. I did so by choosing to bring all aspects of Yoga into my life. 

I still have health struggles, but nothing even close to what I endured prior to beginning Yoga. My mental health is by far the most improved aspect from this last year, which really has been crucial for me and my family.  My sense of self has strengthened along with an amazing spiritual surge that has enabled me to handle the negative days in such a way that I am no longer in fear of being broken. I have inspired my young daughter to take on this daily  and worthwhile challenge, with the hope that she continues onwards and upwards in her practice, building her own foundation, one in which she can stand upon on throughout her life.  My seventeen year old son now works on the weekends where I practice (Yoga Public), and has recently begun taking classes prior starting his shifts, including nightly Hot Yin classes. He sleeps better and finds that his breathing and endurance has greatly improved, especially during his football camps and conditioning sessions.

I began with the initial goal of practicing Yoga everyday for 365 days. I did not understand what Yoga meant then and to a certain extent I still don’t….completely. What matters to me at this point is that I have found an amazing means in which to better myself and life and for this I am, and will forever be, grateful.

Heres to all the blessings I have received from this ever amazing body of mine and the people who have supported me throughout this last year. I am so looking forward to the future and the continuous goal of improving my body, mind and spirit. Again to my family, friends and teachers at Yoga Public I love and thank you so very much.