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Plan A…Retreat For Two <3 March 29, 2013

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Part One

Before leaving for our stay up north, I wrote about my quest for healthy living, as it pertains to food. Prior to our departure I carefully planned what my daughter and I would be eating for 16 days. Come to think of it “planned” maybe too strong of a word, it was more like “strongly thought about”. 

While entering the store I felt initially anxious; “How do I do this? I have no idea what kind of cookware etc. is up there?” I quickly stopped, found a corner, squatted down and made note of the ‘absolutes’, beginning with my bodium and coffee grinder ( I will be working for 16 days in a row….till 2am~my current schedule, up at 6am, bed at 10pm…) I began with the equipment and then ‘filled in the blanks’ with food; juicer, blender to start. Despite the super sized square footage of the store, I have over the last few months orientated myself to the small area where the ‘good stuff’ is located, a.k.a  the organic isles. The beauty of this is that I no longer have to go up and down aisles, one by one, sucking up the time I’d rather spend doing….just about anything else. I wouldn’t mind shopping, if I could do so while in a lovely open aired market. For now I hit the two isles mentioned, then meander thru the veggie and fruit section.

The thing about switching over to organics is that price does play a part, as does convenience, though I do not want to ‘carry over’ my old lame habits, like only going to the big superstores purely for convenience.  My ultimate shopping goal is to create a food buying club with family and friends, which is currently in its infancy stage, and purchase primarily seasonal, local food. As it stands I am purchasing grass-fed organic meat and poultry from local farmers thru a website called  Harvest Moon.

The shopping went well. I figured, ‘keep it easy and basic’ as I had no clue at the time what kind of environment I would be entering. Not only am I trying to purchase ‘happy meat’, as we like to call it (  animals who have been raised and slaughtered, ethically ) I am also attempting to purchase foods that are good for those of us with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Lastly, I am somewhat ‘hijacking’ my daughter food-wise. I know there is a store where we are going, but I also know it is very expensive due to location, so I am hoping that by ‘immersing’ ourselves in what I’ve bought, we will continue onwards with our move into healthier, purer eating.  What we have is what we have…period.

“It’s like going to a foreign country, I explained to my daughter, unable to speak the language, and in the end your fluent! So, this means I can eat both the old food I used to and the new organic stuff? ….Umm, no”.

Keeping with the simplistic theme, I created a daily menu, here’s an example:

Breakfast: Smoothie~frozen fruit, organic yogurt, org. coconut oil, org. flax-seed oil.

Lunch: org.greens, avocado, chicken, balsamic vinegar/olive oil.

Snack: fruit, granola

Dinner: egg pasta, veggies, org. ground beef, salad w/org.apples  


Lots of water

~ Daily Yoga & Meditation

In spite of our pending location, my goal was to create for my daughter and I our VERY own retreat

….this was the plan